Historical Society for Concert Touring is a site representing the production side of the live concert touring industry. In 2020 Jesper Luth was having dinner with industry veterans Dizzy Gosnell and Rob Kern. All 3 of them live in the San Francisco bay area. After a couple cocktails the discussion turned to the past of the touring industry. There was a realization that there didn’t seem to be a central place that really represented the rich history of the touring industry.

Jesper started to reach out to friends and co-workers to ask for their knowledge and stories. He was immediately met with a positive reaction. This is the general pitch from Jesper:

There’s nothing out there that I’ve seen, that’s representational of the history of our industry. I see it as an online experience, perhaps some day it could become a physical institution. It should be a place that shows the innovative people, gear, and also showing the way our industry grew. We have some great folks who were there in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc who can talk about their experiences. Getting this information can be done via interviews, and other folks sharing their experiences in their own writing. This site is set up so anyone can submit a  writing. I don’t necessarily see this as a way to make money, more so as a place to reflect on what the past was like. Especially when we hear the kids moan about their gear or conditions 😜.

Submit your story  here.