Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones is a video producer, drummer and concert stage design enthusiast and “historian”. He began his fascination with stage productions after being taken to a local community theater production of Rapunzel when he was 4 years old. In his early teens he would go to the Richfield Coliseum outside Cleveland, Ohio in the early morning just to watch the crew build the stages and lighting rigs from scratch. He was infamous at his school for building elaborate miniature recreations of stages in his basement complete with lighting, fog effects and pyrotechnics. In his adult years he has pursued his love of music as a drummer and now works as a video content producer based in LA and is the creator of the   Concert Stage Design blog

Nook Schoenfeld

40 year veteran of the touring industry who divides his time between production design, lighting programming and TD for concert, corporate, and televised events. His side job is writing comedic columns for other roadies amusement.

Dizzy Gosnell

Check out Dizzy’s website here. Read about his past here.

Mike Callahan

Donald Rodgers

After spending countless hours spinning my older siblings 45’s on a portable record player music was in my blood. I managed my first band in grade six, The Jets. I managed and booked my second band in grade eight and got them a gig at the YWCA for the princely sum of $25.00 in 1965. I knew music held a strong appeal for me but realised I did not have what it took to play drums or piano, despite banging and plinking around on them.  While working towards two degree’s I wrote entertainment columns for the university paper, hosted a radio show and booked and produced concerts at my university. Despite wanting to be a recording engineer, I ended up working for twenty years as a record promotion and marketing manager with A&M/Island/Motown Records of Canada. I met and worked with some great tour managers and sound engineers-Robbie McGrath although he surely won’t remember me, Jodi Perpick who still works with Bryan Adams and was when I first met him in 1982, Graeme Lagdon and Chris Chappell to name a few. It was a great career.  I now write articles on the business to fill my time.